Saturday, October 17, 2009

life passes you by.

Similar feelings to standing on a platform in the metro station, I feel like my life is passing by too fast ... I obvi cannot keep up with the blogging... it's been another two weeks and I have not a post of photog to show for all the insanity that has taken place. Brief life update and a promise to post pictures to add vivid detail to my new (chapter of my) life soon...

Spent a fabulous ten days (one of those days (yup, only one!) in Naples, FL for Megalina's bridal shower/bachelorette party that I do intend to post photos of before the wedding... which is only a month away! MALYTAB) with Jenn, Auntie L, Grams and Kara in LA before packing up my stuff and hopping in the car for an incredibly scenic 4 day drive (imagine the pix that could be accompanying this post if I could just find my camera cord) through the Grand Canyon, up through the Rockies then into my old/new country... Canada!

Handwrote my boards (with a HB pencil... whatever that is) for an entire seven hours without a calculator only 2 days after I got here ... not sure if I passed but at least with the out-of-date system I won't have to worry about it til December to get my results... which I'm assuming are hand graded.

Spent the next day touring my new unit at the Childrens Hospital in the Health Sciences Centre and trying to unpack... my new unit looks very exciting!! About half the size of my last one and not nearly as critical .... aka unethical ... so looking forward to the change but a little nervous to draw up all my own meds! I love our apartment (and any time I can make use of the words ours/us/we) but could hardly get settled before heading home (to Dauphin) for the weekend for the Canadian Thanksgiving ....

We (and by we, I mean I drove for approximately 20 minutes before having a quasi-anxiety attack and Mitchell being able to read my nonverbal ques of get-me-out-of-drivers-seat! drove the rest of the way) in the snow!! Yes, it snowed on October 9th... a meer 3 days after I arrived! We had a great weekend (in which you will never see pictures because I didn't take any!) with the families (eeek... there's 2 now! =) ... before heading back Monday.

Due to complications with importing a Japanese car from America into Canada (violating some laws of NAFTA, some laws of Mazda American Credit and some laws of Canadian Safety!) I had to give Maggie back to Mazda on Wednesday ... I did take pictures of our traumatic goodbye that I can post but the sadness was lessened when I was able to stop at TARGET!!!! on our way home!! I will be making monthly trips to the Super Target in Grand Forks, ND as so far, besides my favorite people, Target is the only thing Winnipeg is lacking! The bright side is I get to pick out an SUV so I feel a little safer driving in the winter weather ... =)

While incredibly thankful for my (almost) month off, I am beginning to feel somewhat like a desperate apartmentgirlf this past week (I don't even know how to organize and I have organized every inch (or should I say centimeter as they do up here!) of this apartment!) and I am extremely looking forward to starting work on Monday. Orientation for the first 2 weeks and then I'll start day/night shifts...

Friday, October 02, 2009

nothing to dream.

It'll cost nothing to dream and everything not to.

Tonight is the last night I'll lie awake in LA dreaming of being in a place that bears any semblance of home. Dream of being surrounded by people I love. Dream of hibernating up North for the winter because come Monday, all my dreams will come true. After a grueling 2 month application process, I was deemed eligible to write my Canadian boards yesterday (which was unexpected!) and tomorrow morning I will set out on a four day road trip with Grams and Auntie L studying the entire way up to Winnipeg to write them on Wednesday. Tonight I'll be dreaming of settling in to my new place to call home, writing/passing the boards, starting my new job and celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving! It's an exciting new track I'm looking down...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

laughter & noise.

There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter & noise.