Thursday, May 16, 2013

bohemian rhapsody.

I recently came to the revelation that one week post-grad school, I ran for the mountains + found a little not-quite-grown-up-reality at the base of the Rockies in a hip, little town by the name of Denver... to put off all things adult-like and carry on being noncommittal. My gypsy ways have flourished here in a city where altitude adjustments have redefined my alcohol tolerance and thin air has remodelled my ability to run three miles.

I came here with a few not-so-lofty goals on my to-do list + while none of them will help me decide what to do with my shiny, new degree, I'm completely smitten dedicating too much time to sampling coffee houses {coffee shop shopping, as I like to call it}, reading memoirs {for research purposes, only}, + dressing up in outlandish outfits {for charity, of course}... with a little imamaster flair.

Naturally, there have been a few adult-ish tasks thrown in the mix... resumes have been updated, double dental infections have been attended to + my 3.5-year-old lemon of a vehicle {one of the last commitments I made before abandoning all aspects of my life that were over-binding + bogging down the dreamer in me} got a new engine this week, an entire engine! ...
See?! I'm making baby steps towards becoming an adult... teeny, tiny little gleams of growing-up progress in the form of more balanced sleep/wake cycles, skincare regimes + the kissing of unicorns. Slowly, I am learning how to embrace the independence that has defined my mid-twenties + all the freedom {and little direction} that comes with having the world as my oyster... discovering the tune of my very own bohemian rhapsody, one obnoxious, white hat + several mint-infused cocktails at a time.