Sunday, September 30, 2012

out with the quarter-life crisis, in with the champagne-infused celebration.


Twenty-six: my golden year. Wednesday was my birthday + ohmyword was it one marvelous weeklong celebration with every one of my favourite people here in the PNW. I don’t usually celebrate my birthday with anything more than a fondue dinner with my small net of friends but there was something about turning twenty-six on the twenty-sixth that needed to be given a proper welcoming. There was a hopeful feeling connected to my birth month this year that promised me fresh starts, quality sleep + a restored peace of mind. Feeling sorely exhausted after a year-long quarter-life crisis, I spent most of this past month trading overtime shifts for early bedtimes, sweet tea for water + time in the library for day hikes in the outer city limits. It felt good to be turning another year wiser + I needed to just relax, put on a shiny, sequined jacket, raise a champagne flute + let twenty-six know how happy I was to see her arrival. If this past week was any indication for how incredible this next year is going to be, I think it is safe to say it's going to be as good as solid gold.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Fall from Friday Harbor.

fridayharborcoastfridayharbor Over Labor Day Weekend, Heather and I took a ferry about an hour north of Seattle over to the San Juan Islands. I couldn't have dreamt up a more perfect {read: relaxing} way to spend my first weekend off... of all of summer. I was a little bit in Autumn Heaven as signs of an approaching Fall were hidden along the island's emerald coast... fridayharbor2fridayharborfall
...a cool, salty breeze offset the intense heat of an everpresent sun, pumpkin ales were found on tap + a few red + yellow leaves peppered the hiking trail. fallferryfallorcasfridayharb With no real agenda, we made a detour to Orcas, a neighboring island that is less populated and has stunning views of the nearby Mount Baker. To pass the time on the ferry,  we leisurely pieced together a puzzle, in between conversations + quiet moments taken to soak in the blue skies + even deeper blue water.
We visited Nash's lemonade stand to refresh with a couple of Arnold Palmers'. We perused lavender shops which is locally grown on the island. We ate fish + chips on a sunkissed deck and watched the seaplanes land + take off for the latter part of the afternoon.
fridayharborfridayharborboatsfridayharboryachtfridayharboricecream fridayharborseal Perhaps the highlight of the trip was grabbing an ice cream cone and strolling along the docks dayreaming of sailing away on one of the yachts when the local celebrity of a seal, Popeye, popped up from under the dock to greet us. I can't be certain but I'm pretty sure I heard him whisper, "Happy Fall, y'all!"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

dear seattle,

twilightsailboats bonfire poi rattled my bones this week. After enabling a criminal (who stole a car and proceeded to crash it in to a parked vehicle in the sleepiest of neighborhoods in this city) to flee from the crime scene by helping his mangled, bleeding body from the overturned car to only be woken up the very next day to the reverberating sound of a high speed getaway that ended as the truck ducked down the alley + slammed in to the my apartment building just below my window {they were running from the cops who were trying to pull them over for littering, of all things}, you have left me shaken + scared.
seattlelovea Of living alone in Belltown. Walking through the basement of the hospital to my car. Showering with the curtain closed. Sleeping without lights on. Life, in general. Every noise makes my heart jump in to my throat. And the sounds of sirens + hums of traffic that usually lull me to sleep at night, wake me up every twenty minutes, as I sit up trembling... wondering what medical emergency will traumatize the pathological optimism out of me next. I'm a little bit frightened...
seattlelove4 fridayharbor2... but not just of living in this city... but ironically, leaving it, too. It has been my home for the last fifteen months and I have fallen so madly in love with every niche of this beautiful city. I have never felt more in my element, with every day a wild adventure surrounded by the incredible views that the Pacific Northwest boasts about... + the even more incredible people that inhabit this Seatown. I have a network of friends who make happy hours extra happy. I have a job that I genuinely enjoy getting up before sunrise to go to for twelve hours at a time, sometimes for five days in a row. I have a masters program that challenges me in ways that makes my brain hurt but is beyond adequately preparing me for the next, big chapter.
seattlelove2a I have five weeks left before I kiss my farmer's markets + beach bonfires + dayhikes to waterfalls + hazelnut lattes {they are the best these lips have ever known} good-bye. And while I feel a constant, overwhelming anxiety as some proverbial clock hangs over me counting down the days until I will be gone, I must shake off the crazy antics of this past week + go on relishing in all the good this city emulates, on a daily basis... because my days here are numbered. 41 to be exact. 
seattlelove3a My dear Seattle, you are the best thing that ever happened to this girl. A girl who was lost when she arrived at your city limits.... but has found so much of herself here. She has found that nature {particularly mountains + water side-by-side} is her religion. She has found the meaning of life wrapped up in organic living, education + perfectly mixed cocktails. She has discovered her dreams within your coffee houses + the paths that will take her to them through cerebral conversations with the quality people that are "Seattlites".
IMG_2199_zpsc6eb2bd9You, my sweet Seattle, are loved beyond sun beams.


the girl whose heart you stole + is really, really going to miss you... so. very. much.