Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Midnight Madness

Getting banded as 21 for the first time as myself...
On the eve of my 21st birthday, we started celebrating right when the clock struck midnight! Shots all around... =)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Camp Boggy Creek - Where LOVE Grows!

For children with serious illnesses, laughter is the best medicine! That is why Jess and I spent the entire weekend playing with kids and bringing about lots of smiles at Camp Boggy Creek! It was an amazing two days jam-packed full of fun! We arrived (after only getting lost once) around 2:00 on Friday where we settled into our cabins and went through an orientation where we got know the other counselors and patiently waited for our family to arrive. Upon their arrival, we went straight to the dining hall to "mingle mingle", eat and sing camp songs before lights out. The second day started at 7:30 a.m. where we spent the entire day playing putt-putt, boating and fishing, making arts and crafts, creating masterpieces in the wood shop, playing video games and such in the gym and we even topped off the afternoon with a pool party! After dinner we got ready for our Safari-style dance where we shook our "bushy tail" to top hits like Space Jam, the Macarena, Cotton Eyed Joe, Chicken Noodle Soup and Lean On Me. The night didn't stop there. Following the dance, the parents had their own night out when the dining hall went from being transformed into a dance hall (complete with disco ball) to a serene relaxation room for them and we had a porch party back at their cabins with the kids. We wrapped up the weekend on Sunday with a morning in the wood shop and more singing after breakfast. The grand hoorah consisted of an adorable talent show where all the kids performed a special number. Boggy Creek's mission is to help kids forget what they have and I'm so glad I was able to partake in such an awesome weekend! Our family was super special with lots of energy and we had a great weekend with them! For privacy reasons I am not allowed to post any of the great pictures I got with our family so here are the highlights of what we can show... eating spaghetti with no hands, the view from the paddle boats, Jess rockin' the one-piece swimsuit at the pool, the cow we were stopped behind at a stoplight... Play with Kids!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Grandma - Hope your day was special. It was great talking to you yesterday. I hope the rest of your vacation goes well and I look forward to seeing you and John in December. Love always, Jocelyn

Magnificent the Mazda

I am super excited to introduce you to Magnificent (Maggie, for short!) the Mazda .. my official first new car! I purchased her all by myself and proudly call her my own!! She is going on her first road trip this weekend to Boggy Creek, a camp for kids with terminal illnesses. Zoom-Zoom!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Collegiate Keg Party

It's hard to believe that it was already a year ago that our beloved Jess took her very sip (or shall I say shot after shot after shot) of alcohol! To celebrate the one year anniversary of this momentous occasion, Jess spent the afternoon at the spa where I met her for a couples facial that was indescribable!! Then we hosted a collegiate keg party to continue the celebration started 365 days ago! What's your average house party without the consumption of bottomless Jello shots, Carly and I taking sultry self-portraits, round after round of beer pong, and reverse keg stands with the water dispenser!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Jess!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nine ~ Eleven

I will never forget watching those towers fall (unbelievably) seven years ago. I took these pictures at my first visit to Ground Zero two summers ago. They were incredibly moving messages that brought tears to my eyes remembering those that were lost that day but that will never be forgotten. Grandma and Auntie Linda (pictured above) exchanged sweet nothings with this hunky member of FDNY at the station next to Ground Zero.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oil Slicks and Helpful Hicks =)

Last Saturday I was driving home from a very exhausting weekend in Tallahassee when all of a sudden the beloved JEEP started shaking out of control! The little genie lamp looking thing (I was later informed is the oil pressure gauge) dropped to zero and the car came to a complete stop on I-10. Mind you it was 1:45 in the a.m. I called AAA (as I may be one their most valued customers!) and proceeded to wait 1.5 hours for a tow truck man (and his Dad). Being in the absolute middle of nowhere without hardly any cell phone service and the only thing close by was a state prison (no joke!), they dispatched a police officer (of whom I insisted take a picture with me because it was perfect Blog material and without picture proof, I didn't think anyone believe me that this was actually happening. After many attempts on my camera phone using the blue lights of the patrol car to light up the shot, the nice fella informed me that they are not allowed to have their photogs taken in uniform so I cannot post it because he since than has facebook stocked me and will find out if I do) who waited with me until almost 3:00. From there, I rode 89 miles (thank goodness because AAA only covers 100 miles) between a nice tow truck man and his Dad all the way back to the Ville. I learned their whole life stories including my favorite one about how he delivered all four of his kids at home just him and his wife and after they got the baby cleaned up, they took it to Shoney's. Currently being in my obstetrics rotation, I found this family tradition to be all sorts of wrong. I arrived home at 5:15 that morning and had to get one last shot with the JEEP [may he rest in piece(s)] and my new friends...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Meet Megan. Petrified of spiders and all things with eight legs, she was rather distraught when I returned home today only to find her suspended five feet above the ground screaming at "the biggest spider I've ever seen; it's the like the size of an egg!"

Meet the spider. About the size of a quarter but scary none-the-less.

Meet Kenzie; Carly's little sister's boyfriend and our friendly exterminator. Ready to save the day (and get a free meal), he immediately began carefully planning a strategy to capture the spider and allow us to sleep tonight. His method was perfectly executed and the spider was successfully trapped and is currently suffocating and starving in our living room. Now if only we could catch all the lizards and cockroaches...

EXHIBIT A: The Trap. EXHIBIT B: The spider in the trap.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Not-So-Laborious Labor Day

Given this fabulous Monday off of school, we could hardly decide what to do with ourselves! First, we headed straight to the golf course where I was able to upgrade our cart for an air conditioned one (pictured here)! It might possibly be the greatest invention since sliced bread, as the saying goes. From there, Carly and I enjoyed an elegant pedi & mani. While sitting in our chairs, our nail ladies insisted we go to the mall and check out the shoe sale because they were 75% off. Afraid to say no, we headed to the mall where I found 4 great pairs of shoes for the price of one!! Super pumped (no pun intended) about our fantastic deal, we needed some calming so we attended a Vinyasa yoga class to balance our chi. Needless to say, it was a not-so-laborious Labor Day!