Saturday, February 27, 2010

baptized by ice.

I'm not sure how I've managed to let another few months go by without blogging. I vowed on New Years to keep my blog consistently updated since there is hardly any documentation of the last six months (really, half a year has gone by?!) of my post-LA, ante-the-real-world life but when I found myself patio-furniture-stricken in the Phoenix sun with a wicked case of strept throat on 01-01-10, my feeble attempts to blog were lost amongst the basking in the (no longer familiar but deeply missed) UV rays and more fittingingly replaced with an attempt to reobtain an (almost indistinguishable) tan line instead! It has been quite the change for someone who had spent the vast majority of the past year squeezing in any spare minute (and by spare, I'm referring to the time people usually reserve for sleeping!) to lay out in the sun on every beach down the West Coast of Cali to go to being cruelly "baptized by ice" as my cousin referred to my hasty relocation to the freezing cold city of Winnipeg, synonymous with "the arctic tundra." They don't call Winterpeg "The Great White North" for nothing. Enduring frigid temperatures that must first be defined as plus or minus along with an almost daily snow shower the past several months, my bikini-clad days are long over... and long overdue. The locals tell me I won't see anyone don a tankini (as those fashion faux pas along with clear bra straps and socks with sandals are still popular up here) until mid-June only for these hardly flattering fads to be packed away and replaced with "The North Face" jackets soon after, maybe mid-September. Do the math: thats 3 short months of summer and straight up frigid winter the other 9 months of the year. I suddenly find it a completely acceptable daily routine to wake up and turn on the heat, (much to Mitch's protest) the thermostat always set to 72 degrees (the only thermometer in all of Canada to still be in farenheit!) which is the average daily temperature in LA (feels just like home in the confines of my apartment!) and then I proceed to bundle up on the couch in my snuggie where I usually remain for the duration of the day. I don't even think twice about idling in snow-covered parking lots until someone parked close to the door leaves and I now enjoy sun through a window; you can imagine my devastation on a recent trip to Sephora when I had to go down a shade in Lorac foundation. It's official- I am as pale as the rest of them.