Saturday, July 28, 2012

absolutely perfect.

greatwheel greatwheell celeste greatwheel1 gw greatwheel13of21 IMG_1930 Feels like its some kind of ride but it's turning out just to be life going absolutely perfect. crabpoy crabpo crabpot1
Never quite sure when the wild ride I am currently riding on in Seattle is going to come to a screeching halt + I will be forced to disembark, I made a list of all the things I want to see and do as a Seattle resident before the summer is up... a bucket list of the seattleite variety, if you will... including but not limited to bike to a brewery, have a bonfire on the beach, do yoga on a paddleboard, go sailing in the Sound, watch a concert at the Gorge, become the owner of a glassy baby, kayak through the San Juans, hike to a waterfall... and #1 on my list: ride the Great Wheel! =) My only day off in all of July, Celeste + I had a wonderful day date on the waterfront first taking in the gorgeous views from the top of the Wheel before walking over to Crab Pot for bloodys + seafood. It was absolutely perfect. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the one about wine, cartwheels + daydreams by airstreams...

flairstream flairstreamcarly winetasting tireflairstream carlyair me carlywine airstream While wine tasting in the Santa Ynez Valley last month, Carly + I visited our most favorite little tasting room... Sarloos & Sons... where they carry on their family legacy by perfectly pairing wine with cupcakes by Enjoy!... and when you make this your final stop after an afternoon of spritzing some of Southern California's most delectable vino + happen upon the most adorable airstream you have ever laid eyes on right outside, you start snapping photogs... and sipping more wine... and you begin to daydream about the memories past + the many more moments to come... and your heart beams with happiness as you relish in this perfect summer day with your best friend... The I-love-my-life-so-very-much feeling radiating so vibrantly from your core fills your body with so much glee, you just want to do cartwheels... so you do. In heels. the carly cartwheel

Friday, July 20, 2012

oh, sweet summer.

camerashot zacamesa carlytasting zacamesa losolivos globalgardens olive olivetasting enjoy carlysarloo tasting roomsarloos Oh, sweet summer. How I have missed you + your perfect weather... for picnics. For camping. For popsicles. For barbecues on rooftops. For beach combing. For outdoor concerts. For wine tasting. For happy hour on patios.  For farmer's markets. For rollerblading. For reading in parks. For living simply simply  living. I have craved the way in which your rays of sunshine penetrate my bones... instantaneously rejuvenating me up out of a hibernation-esque gloom, the tiny bit of a remnant afterglow from one loooong + rainy winter. You, sweet summer, have an uncanny ability to illuminate my soul + good gracious, how I have missed the unmistakable sense of adventure that accompanies your longer days... that centrifugal force that catalyzes the replacement of any glimmer of sleep with sandwich + spritzer dates at sunset... for no opportunity to seize a memory-in-the-making moment should ever go unconquered, in your presence. As the heat waves on in to the wee hours of those perfect barefoot nights, it is under your starlit skies that I feel the most aware. Aware of the beauty in my surroundings unseen by a wintry eye. Aware of the tangible stillness that sinks in knowing I am at complete peace with where I currently exist. Aware of the organic growth occurring {within} as each fleeting hour of sunshine silently counts down to that subtle shift when the leaves of Fall will turn over + you will inevitably come to an end... oh my, sweet sweet summer... welcome back.