Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There is no such thing as a person that nothing has happened to, and each person's story is as different as his fingertips.

I wish that there was an extremely swirly reason why I have not blogged in the past two+ months. I would like to post pictures of some fantastic 8-week Eurotrip I've just returned from but unfortunately, the only border I've crossed is 45 minutes South of here on a road that leads directly into the Target parking lot in North Dakota, in which my monthly trip for Folger's hazelnut coffee has put me on a first-name basis (well, not quite. More like a career-name basis in which I assume he is a border patrol man based on the shiny, toy gun strapped to his ridiculously hideous polyester outfit and he remembers that I am nurse because when he threatened to not let me in to my country back in October when I had a leased car full of my belongings and no address to take it to, I threatened lives would die without me and apparently, it made a lasting impression...) with the men that work at the border. I would love to be able to write a life-altering, intellectual piece reflective of the soul searching I've been doing during this hiatus but frankly, the only strength I've discovered inside me is the ability to fend off hypothermia when handing the barista my looney and two tooneys (translation: $5.00) in exchange for a Venti Cinnamon Dolce Chai Latte (full pumps of each) at the drive thru window of Starbucks; I don't dare get out and go inside in this -40 degree weather (not even joking.)
I love my blog. to blog. blogging. It is here that I find fabulousness in (and overuse the word "fabulous" describing...) the many elements that make my world go round (eff earth, wind and fire. I'm talking PEOPLE magazine, Coffee Bean hazelnut Ice blended(s) and Virgin America.) It is here where I document how lucky my life is (and give credit to those who are in my life that make it that incredible in the form of a picnik-edited photog shout-out!) It is here where I am able to apply meaning (and share it with everyone ... even creepy stalkers who write me anonymous letters! Please reveal yourself, it drives me bonkers to not know if you're still alive and not hanging from a ceiling fan somewhere.... eeeek... too far?) to all the significant moments in my life. It is here where I am reminded of all the fabulous things I manage to do in a day, a month and a year (or at least this is how the lay-out I have selected chooses to organize my blog for me) and I hope that this mini leave of absence hasn't forced people to nix checking suburbs from the morning routines (so far, I only know my two grandmothers did this on a regular basis but I would like to think that the number of blog hits in a day was people actually checking in and not just me hitting the refresh button to see a cool new place to visit.)
Really, all I can chalk this negligent writer's block up to (that has led some people to inquire whether or not I'm still alive, you know who you are.) is simply the fact that the real world has finally caught up to me... and inadvertently interfered with my ability to dream, which in my vernacular is synonymous with blogging.
Well like some important person who came up when I put the keywords "fingertips, quotes" into Google search said, There is no such thing as a person that nothing has happened to, and each person's story is as different as his fingertips and with the vastly approaching new year, I plan embrace this (somewhat scary, mostly just inconvenient) real world with two arm-warmer clad hands and while my fingertips are currently frostbitten and bleeding, I am not going to let that stop me from blogging about all the things that happen to me in my unique story! Expect pictures, insights, even a vlog or two.... So get excited because 2010 is going to be a spectacular blear (blog year, its kind of like dog year but instead of multiplying by seven divide by the number of days in a month and that's how many posts next year's blog archive will generate!)