Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Back in September (about the time I accidently stopped blogging), Kara, Auntie L., Grams and Jenn came to visit me in LA for my birthday weekend. Here we are enjoying wine in Santa Barbara for the day. It was going to be a surprise until I told Grams I was flying home for my bestie's bridal shower and bachelorette that weekend... My trip to Florida was shortened (so I could be in two places at once) and I took a red-eye out Friday night and a super early flight home Sunday morning (we had just finished our last dance to "Single Ladies" when Mr. Rick came to bring me back to the airport) so that really, I was only gone Saturday where I handed Kara Garmin and the keys to my car and she only had to attempt to navigate around LA for one day. I landed in Fort Myers at 10 where we headed straight to La Playa in Naples for a tea party honoring the bride-to-be. Megan's (now) sister-in-law embroidered tea towels for everyone in attendance and Carly had these adorable and yummy tea infusers favors made. It was a fabulous tea party in which Megan revealed just how much she knows about Danny (and why they are perfect for each other!) From the shower, we headed down to 5th Avenue where we donned our baseball-themed shirts (Megan has always had a love for the Yankees... well mostly just the way Derek Jeter looks in his uniform... and her brother-in-law is a profesh bball player so it was only appropriate to celebrate in true 3/4-sleeved fashion) where Megan opened all the gifts a little too risque to be opened in front of Danny's mother, her futch mother-in-law. We had lots of champagne (and even a nap I think) before putting on our high heels for a night of fun! We had 9 innings (roughly) starting at a Mexican restaurant and ending approximately 8 more bars and 5 hours laters (just like a baseball game) at a club with a killer DJ! Meg was pulled on stage numerous places and really lived up to her title Most Valuable Bride! =)

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