Wednesday, March 07, 2012

on the seventh day...

...she stopped to smell the sunflowers + to paint her nails her favourite spring colour + to savour every crumb of her cupcake...she stopped to admire le car + to boil a cup a tea the traditional way {by turning on the stove} + to run five miles...she stopped to put down her textbook to read for leisure + to braid her hair + to swoon over the twilight sky...she stopped to sleep in a little longer + to set a real intention at hot yoga + to skype with loved ones...she stopped to sip on a seasonal ale + draw a schematic of twenty-twelve + rock that screaming baby a little longer...    she stopped to eavesdrop on the old ladies at Starbucks + sing every word to that song she loves + turn her favourite chevron pattern in to her first D.I.Y. project...she stopped to forgive herself for overcommitting and failing + to commend herself for learning the importance of taking little time-outs from hectic schedules + to congratulate herself for recognizing overwhelming moments when life just requires doughnuts, of the hand-forged variety.  

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