Friday, July 20, 2012

oh, sweet summer.

camerashot zacamesa carlytasting zacamesa losolivos globalgardens olive olivetasting enjoy carlysarloo tasting roomsarloos Oh, sweet summer. How I have missed you + your perfect weather... for picnics. For camping. For popsicles. For barbecues on rooftops. For beach combing. For outdoor concerts. For wine tasting. For happy hour on patios.  For farmer's markets. For rollerblading. For reading in parks. For living simply simply  living. I have craved the way in which your rays of sunshine penetrate my bones... instantaneously rejuvenating me up out of a hibernation-esque gloom, the tiny bit of a remnant afterglow from one loooong + rainy winter. You, sweet summer, have an uncanny ability to illuminate my soul + good gracious, how I have missed the unmistakable sense of adventure that accompanies your longer days... that centrifugal force that catalyzes the replacement of any glimmer of sleep with sandwich + spritzer dates at sunset... for no opportunity to seize a memory-in-the-making moment should ever go unconquered, in your presence. As the heat waves on in to the wee hours of those perfect barefoot nights, it is under your starlit skies that I feel the most aware. Aware of the beauty in my surroundings unseen by a wintry eye. Aware of the tangible stillness that sinks in knowing I am at complete peace with where I currently exist. Aware of the organic growth occurring {within} as each fleeting hour of sunshine silently counts down to that subtle shift when the leaves of Fall will turn over + you will inevitably come to an end... oh my, sweet sweet summer... welcome back.     


Kelly said...

Incredible pictures and beautiful writing! You are a an amazing photographer! So photogenic, too!

Katie said...

You and Carly are probably the 2 prettiest people I know in real, and not real, life. I love a lot about this post, but I think the thing I love most is that Carly brought grapes to a concert. I want to join you a trip to Lala Land one of these days. I'll bring my own grapes.