Monday, November 19, 2007

Would you light my candle?

From now on, we are living by candle light and sponge baths... After 3 months of getting power for what we thought was "free" we have now been appropriately billed for our energy usages and now owe $832.54. The good news is the total is perfectly divisible by 4 ($208.14 for each roommate).. the bad news is it's due tomorrow. I had honestly convinced myself that when our neighbors (3 guys who don't have a hot tub, take long showers, blow dry their hair or get scared being home alone in the dark) kept getting $500 monthly bills somehow our power usage was connected to theirs and that's why we hadn't received a bill .. turns out Gainesville Regional Utilities system just got overloaded and now we're paying for it... literally. Would you light my candle?

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