Monday, March 24, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

Yes, the Hallam family is as perfect (and good-looking!) as they look in their holiday cards and I am lucky enough to have spent several holidays with the delightful Hallam family over the past 4 years!. The homemade macaroni is always amazing. Meemaw's mermaid earrings always adds an extra flare to every gathering. Carly's 10-year-old brother's beat poetry is highly entertaining and her cousin's chihuahua Crouton is always sporting a freshly made makeover (i.e. shaven mohawk, painted nails, dyed pink). Easter is always a favorite of mine; past Easters have even included a tequila shot tennis tournament. While tennis matches were placed with games of croquet, this Easter was extra special as we all rejoiced at church early Sunday morning to sing an unforgettable rendition of "Hallelujah!" Greg provided a memorable blessing and Aunt Travis and Tammy cooked an unbelievable feast! Stuffed of chocolate bunnies and mimosas , this Easter left us dreaming of the surprise in Carly's Easter basket...

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