Friday, September 12, 2008

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

My first week of work went incredible! While it was mostly orientation lectures, I met a lot of great people (my co-workers!) and had a lot of fun swiping my ID badge to learn my way around CHLA! Here are some random things I learned this week: 1. Childrens was established over 100 years ago in 1901. That's crazy! 2. About 8,000 people are in and out of the hospital in a day. That would be like if the entire town I lived in this summer all came to see me at work on Monday (which I would love it if they did ... I kinda miss that place!) 3. We are among the top children's hospitals in the world and receive patients and visit patients (I'm currently investigating how to be a part of the team that does this) from LA to China to Africa. 4. The hospital is only 6 miles from my apartment. For every minute later I leave (after 6:45), it adds and extra 5 minutes onto my drive. I've made it there in less than 10 minutes but I have also made it there in over 45 minutes. 5. The Versant Nurse Residency Program was founded at CHLA 10 years ago and is now at over 50 hospitals in the country. I am the 19th cohort to be in the program and will graduate (and get life back!) in February! =)    

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