Thursday, September 04, 2008


One of my favorite parts of our trip over (and down) to LA was all the different wildlife we encountered. We saw pheasants and antelope down through the Dakotas. While looking at Mount Rushmore, there were mountain goats watching everyone from a cliff above us. From there, we traveled to Devil's Tower, Wyoming when there were rattlesnakes and a prairie dog farm with a million little holes for them to get lost in. I lost track of all the animals we saw when we entered Yellowstone National Park. There were herds of buffalo roaming free. We saw a black bear, a coyote and even osprey in their nest. My favorite animal was a mummy elk with her baby (laying in the grass behind her) drinking in a river. Not much of anything driving through the deserts in Nevada but when we reached the Pacific Coast we saw tons of sea lions in the San Francisco Bay and all down the 10-hour drive along the coast. 

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