Tuesday, July 21, 2009

desert destination.

For two fabulous days between working five shifts one week and four shifts the following week before flying to Canada for two wonderful weeks, Carly, Lindsay and I roadtripped through the desert for a relaxing getaway at the most incredible resort in Scottsdale. We had the best time sipping pina coladas and relaxing by the pool during the day (soaking up the scorching hot 105 degrees sun), drinking sangria and listening to the live Spanish music in the evening, shopping at all the cute (closed) boutiques and dancing the night away at one of my favorite bars at night! It was so wonderful getting to spend quality time with Megan and David who work for the Hyatt and got us VIP service complete with champagne in our room; thanks for letting us crash ya'll's holiday! I had almost forgotten to post about the trip because I was so busy before I left (and have worked everyday since I've been back in LA) but I had a reminder of the trip waiting for me in the mail when I got home - a $181 speeding ticket - so thank you, Arizona Department of Public Safety, for reminding me to post some pictures from our fantastic desert destination! 
Megan and David
Sangria and Flamenco
Enjoying our complimentary champagne on our balcony
cooling off in the grottos.

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