Wednesday, September 30, 2009

harriette potter.

For the past month, I have been living under the staircase rather Harry Potteresque like
in this fabulous home with three fabulous roommates - Sydney, Rachel and Nicole! They are all nurses at CHLA and I went through the residency program with Syd (which is how I got to know her)! While I have flown back East three of the four weekends this month, I have had so much fun living with them in the few weeks I have been home! They remind me of being in college when I lived with my 3 best friends for 4 smashing years! My days under the stairs has been the perfect in-between phase transitioning from living with my besties to moving in with a boy! I'm getting an extra strength dose of girlieness before I am stripped of 3 extra closets to chose from (Mitch and I don't really share the same size or style.), deprived of wine-sipping, theatre-going girls nights (Mitch is more into a beer-guzzling, sports-filled kind of Saturday night!) and I am soon to be removed from all quasi-decent shopping (Winnipeg isn't quite the most fashion forward place in the world.) All the inside jokes and reminiscing of college life made me want to go back .... so I did just that the weekend before last.

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