Wednesday, September 30, 2009

swagger of a college kid.

I was on the phone with Kara a couple of weeks ago and she was saying how she was going to Gainesville for the weekend for the UF vs. TN game... our biggest rivalry! I have been trying to figure out a way to get to a game this year anyways before I move North so when she reminded me that the weekend before last would be the perfect time to go, I booked a flight and hopped on a plane 3 days later! I had a free flight from when I willingly gave up my seat on a plane in an effort to prolong returning to LA on one of my vacations recently (in which I ended up getting my seat back and keeping the voucher so the effort was lost but the free flight made my return to LA a little more tolerable! I digress...) It had been an entire month since I had seen Carly (keep in mind I have seen her almost everyday for the past 5 years, including when I was Italy.. she was there too and when she lived in NYC for the summer ... I went and visited her!) so you can imagine my excitement when she picked me from the airport and I got to spend the entire weekend with her and Meg! I got to see her new job and then we headed to Gvegas for the weekend! In true collegiate fashion, we stayed in her sister's "luxury dorm" for the weekend and had a blast being back on our stomping grounds! While gameday was even more exciting than I remembered it to be, the club scene was not. We attempted to go out (with a slight touch of sun poisoning from tailgating all day in the Florida humidity!) but after an hour of being "in da club" we all looked at each other and unanimously agreed that it was not nearly as exciting as it used to be so we headed back to our blow-up mattress and had way more fun in our 2-night slumber party! Reliving life in Gainesville would not be complete without a playdate with Kate... so I spent all morning Sunday doing just that!

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