Sunday, September 30, 2012

out with the quarter-life crisis, in with the champagne-infused celebration.


Twenty-six: my golden year. Wednesday was my birthday + ohmyword was it one marvelous weeklong celebration with every one of my favourite people here in the PNW. I don’t usually celebrate my birthday with anything more than a fondue dinner with my small net of friends but there was something about turning twenty-six on the twenty-sixth that needed to be given a proper welcoming. There was a hopeful feeling connected to my birth month this year that promised me fresh starts, quality sleep + a restored peace of mind. Feeling sorely exhausted after a year-long quarter-life crisis, I spent most of this past month trading overtime shifts for early bedtimes, sweet tea for water + time in the library for day hikes in the outer city limits. It felt good to be turning another year wiser + I needed to just relax, put on a shiny, sequined jacket, raise a champagne flute + let twenty-six know how happy I was to see her arrival. If this past week was any indication for how incredible this next year is going to be, I think it is safe to say it's going to be as good as solid gold.

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