Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day weekend.

For the past 3 weeks in a row, I have worked an insane amount of shifts during the week intermixed with a ton of yoga practices and then taken off to Dauphin for the weekend (hence the lack of blogging... you can only write about how sore and dehydrated you are so many times before it just becomes). The first weekend I spent with Grams helping her prepare for her China trip! (She returns back to Canada tomorrow!!) The second weekend I spent with Mitch and his family at the Charlie Major concert (Mitch's fave singer growing up ...) and this past weekend I spent it with one of the best mums I know for a much needed/deserved break!! Mitch's sister-in-law Colette hasn't had more than two hours of sleep in 3 and half years, I would say, which coincidentally is the same age as her oldest daughter. When a plan to head South for sunshine and shopping failed due to an expired passport, we decided anywhere with a bed and no children would suffice! We decided to drive to Brandon (the second largest city in Manitoba ... roughly people) for some shopping and an awesome meal (steak and crab!) and then stayed the night halfway home at Elkhorn Resort... where I got my massage two weekends ago. We didn't indulge in any spa services but we slept til 10:30 on a bed made of feathers and then ordered room service for an amazing brunch... which was enough pampering for both of us! It was a fabulous weekend!! My favorite part was all the wild animals we saw driving thru the national park ... 2 bears, 2 moose and 2 deer! I forgot my camera (who does that?!) but took these two photogs with the camera on my phone ... doesn't this make you want to come visit me?!

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