Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Princess of Snark

I have been obsessing over the movie Juno from the moment I saw it in theaters (twice!). It is one of those films that instantly becomes your "new favorite movie" and I have a feeling will remain my favorite movie for a very long time ... I was excited when UF announced that Diablo Cody would be coming to speak to our school a few weeks ago. What I wasn't prepared for is just how fabulous the cat-toe shoe-clad Diablo Cody really is! She told her incredible life story about wanting to be a butcher when she grew up (I had wild aspirations too of being Vanna White!), how she spent a year working as a stripper (have not partook in such affairs but considering it being unemployed...) and thought it was amusing so decided to blog about her endeavors (I'm a blogger!). Someone read her blog and encouraged her to write a book about her memoirs (I'm waiting for this life-altering event to happen!). From there, her writing career took off at a Starbucks inside a Target (my two favorite places combined!) where she we go everyday (I frequent these places daily too!) to write the screenplay of Juno. It has always been my ultimate life goal to one day write a book and I left the Phillips Center feeling incredibly inspired. As a gator, we are always encouraged to "go cure cancer" or "go write the next American novel" and after being in the presence of the self-proclaimed "Princess of Snark", I feel incredibly compelled to pursue this dream of writing an inspiring, yet hysterical, memoir which will be titled: Suburbs of Utopia. Maybe my blog will be discovered and turned into a book. Maybe my book will be made into a movie. Maybe my movie will win the academy award for "Movie of the Year!" Maybe my name will be engraved on the plate of an Oscar. Maybe. Just maybe.

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Anonymous said...

No maybees Joc. I think this is a for sure!
Aunty L