Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wine tastes best when served with good friends!

When Carly and I studied abroad in Italy 2 summers ago, we brought back a bottle of wine. It was quite the adventure locating this bottle of wine. We walked through the back alleys of Florence to this tiny inoteca hidden amongst the gelaterias and markets to purchase this specific brand recommended by my adorable cooking teacher, Stefano. When the original intentions for the bottle fell through, we decided to save it for a very special occassion- our graduation... which not only marked the end of our college career but also the end of our four-year era as roommates! You create a rare bond with a roommate that you cannot possess with your average friends. You share every memory, every milestone, every hardship. You are there through all the good times. All the hard times. All the laughs and all the tears. You know everything about the person. You tend to finish their sentences before they even start to speak and a rare type of ESP develops where with just one look you know what the other one is thinking. You could have an entire conversation without saying a thing. When we opened the prized bottle of wine the last night in our house together, it was very evident what all of our were thinking- the bottle of wine had not aged like we intended it to. Perched on our shelf upright for nearly two years, and in combination with the Florida sunshine and humidity, our homemade aging process had a rather negative affect on the flavor of our wine, leaving us with a somewhat fishy vino. Wine tastes best when served with good friends and I have been so lucky to have 3 of the best of friends as roommates! My college experience would not have been as memorable without them! I'm going to miss Jess and Megan incredibly (*Carly and I have decided to live together until it is no longer socially acceptable for two women to live together...) but I am looking forward to our annual reunions in fabulous locations where we will reminisce over nostalgic bottles of wine! Love you girls!! =)

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