Monday, May 12, 2008

She carpes the diem.

It's a strange feeling how you can go from being a college student one day where you feel like there is so much purpose to your, write papers, grab lunch with your friends. Then you walk across a stage in an over-insulated, ultra-unflattering robe and suddenly, come Monday, you are unemployed. You have no obligations. You have no deadlines. You have no responsibilites. You worked so hard for four years and suddenly, you are right back where you started... clueless of what your future entails and with absolutely no direction in your life. Well, at least that is the fork in the road that I have come to anyways. At the realization of this perplexity, I have adopted a new life motto: She carpes the diem. All I have is today so I might as well seize it... soak up the sun, get lost in a good book, take up running again. Good things come to those who wait, so, rather impatiently, I'm waiting for the compass of my life (I imagine it to be adorned with pink rhinestone and glittery arrows) to point me in a direction where great things will happen!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Joc. Soak up every ray of sun ( while protected by spf45+) , read untilyour eyes cross and dream the biggest dreams. For without a doubt you will achieve them. Enjoy life . Carpe your diem> Love Aunty L