Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday, Mama Hallam!

Today is Mama Hallam's 50th birthday! We spent Sunday celebrating how fabulous she is at 50 when Carly and her little sister, Taylor, hosted a fantastic surprise party for her! The guests were happy, the birthday girl was super surprised, the catering was delicious, Hall & Oats Greatest Hits was a great hit, the cake was yummy, and all Tammy's birthday wishes came true (*including the one in which she wished her oldest son (the first born is always the favorite) would fly in from Atlanta!) Here are the highlights:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you daughter for helping make my day special. It was a wonderful surprise .In the one pic I look like Mrs. Hulk in a dunce cap HA HA and by the way all my children are my favorite including you!!! Love Ya