Friday, June 27, 2008

Final Destination: Los Angeles, California

When I arrived in Tallahassee to pick up Kara, my navigator for my big trip across the country, I arrived with so much excitement I could hardly contain myself. This was my big move. I was really doing this. I had loaded my life into my car and was leaving Florida and the majority of my old life (minus a nursing degree, a roommate, about a thousand pictures and a few boxes of clothes) behind. I'm taking a 2 month break to hang out with Grams in the woods for a bit before completing the last part of the drive to my final destination: Los Angeles, California. I am moving across the country to a place I have never been, trusting that Carly knows me so well and trusting her opinion that I will absolutely love it! My 12-hour day (the first of five long, but fantastic, days of driving) warranted me a lot of time to think and drive half scared, half beaming with excitement. How liberating to be brave enough to embrace such a huge change with not a single apprehension. No ties. Nothing to hold me back. ... except 3 needles and a scare with skin cancer. Before getting on the road, I went in for a routine skin check by the dermatologist Kara is working for and got a real taste of what her internship entails when next thing I know, I'm lying on a cold table in a gown getting injected with lidacaine before three suspicious spots were removed for biopsying... still recovering from the traumatizing experience, I left the office and returned to my thinking chair (the driver's seat of my car) wondering what the hell just happened? I've been seat-belted in for 2 days straight ultra-analyzing every aspect of my life.. how each part was going to dramatically change with me relocating to a new place. Even the time was going to change 3 hours back in my new city. Little did I know the biggest change would be the 3 new scars that grace my skin.

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