Tuesday, June 10, 2008

take us to the west coast!

Carly and I have been busy preparing for our greatest endeavor yet... moving to Los Angeles, California! Since graduation, we've managed to unclutter our lives, find a job, secure a couch to crash on, and have spent the last five weeks spending time with our loved ones before we relocate to the other side of the country!! As we enter this next chapter of our little lives, the greatest priority in our new post-college world is that of a career, a real one.. not that of "student". To maximize our success in this strange adaptation period, we have been spending our free time (being unemployed warrants a lot of this) perfecting our occupational skills! Carly has been brushing up on her acting skills and is currently entirely consumed in a fab read: Breaking Into Acting For Dummies! I have been studying religiously for the NCLEX and have selected Saunder's NCLEX-RN Review as my book of choice!

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