Saturday, July 12, 2008


I thought it would be a rather tough adjustment getting used to not seeing my roommates (or what I have considered my other 3/4s) everyday. After all, we have lived together for four incredible years and going on without them just didn't seem possible, let alone requitable. I mean where could I find someone that would be equally fabulous to live with (by putting up with my inevitable mess)? Who would I stay up late with ruminating about how to save the world (or at least conjure up a few bright ideas about what to in the immediate future with our lives)? Who would be there to advise me from an unjaded perception (by reassuring me that kissing a lot of frogs will eventually elicit the revelation of a prince!)? Who would accompany me on all my wild adventures (carpeing the sh*t out of all our days, as my roommates and i would say!)? Who would be willing to drive long distances to reach a decent mall (I'm so glad I'm moving to a city that has adequate shopping!)? Who would I have dance parties with (*Caution: They leave scars!)?... Somehow I managed to find someone who just might reciprocate the fabulousness of all three combined... Grams! Pictured here chipping and chatting at the same time, (this photog was not staged!) Grams and I have been thoroughly enjoying her retirement. There is no place like home and returning to the cabin one last summer before I start my career has been nothing but fabulous! Reminded of a youth filled with catching frogs and kick-the-can games, nothing makes me happier than days by the lake golfing, getting lost in books, playing incessant amounts of games and staying up all night talking about life.

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