Tuesday, July 01, 2008

out of gas

When Kara and I recently cruised across the country (vertically), we saw lots of fabulous places! We enjoyed a breathtaking sunset over Birmingham, AL. We were pleasantly surprised in Metropolis, IL where we happened upon the birthplace of Superman. We traveled to the top of the St. Louis Arch. She... I mean we... enjoyed a college world series game in Omaha, Nebraska. We made a lot of great memories but quite possibly the happiest place we came to along the way was Christine, South Dakota. While cruising for 700 miles on a straight shot north from Omaha to Canada, Kara forgot to pay attention to the gas gauge and with nothing but fields and tractors for as long as we could see, we came incredibly close to running out of gas. With no other option but to drive until we ran out of gas and me practically having an anxiety attack in the passenger seat, I noticed a sign for a gas pump (NOT STATION!) so we turned off. That's where we came to a place called Christine where we stopped at the mall for a tank of gas. This was no ordinary mall. It came complete with a kitchen, a grocery store, a post office, a bathroom, a hair cutting place, a taxes office and most importantly, a single gas pump. Across the street was a fire department, a liquor store and a park. That pretty much accounts for the entire municipal of Christine...

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