Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I judge books by covers.

The other night I spent about four hours assembling what might be the wobbliest, most crooked, crazy unstable bookcase in the world and then immediately unloaded my eclectic book collection on to each uneven shelf: guidebooks of the all cities I've visited, training manuals for triathlons, national best sellers, chick lit, Harry Potter, etc. I grouped all my books by what they mean to me and when I put The Big Sleep, Interview with a Vampire, Angels & Demons and Revolutionary Road together it made me realize how much I tremendously miss my book club in LA. I bbm'ed Carly to tell her this as she pretty much can count on a daily text from me telling her how much I miss one thing or another from our past life together ... Coffee Bean, the USA Today Crossword, Trader Joe's, Hotel Cafe, just to name a few... and she suggested we start another book club cross countries where we meet on Skype to discuss it. Stupendous! Here is our first book (per her suggestion). When I picked it up the very next day at Indigo (the book store I frequent here almost on a daily basis) I started gushing over how cute the cover is and because I personify that cliche (like many other cliches), I knew at that instant that I was going to like this book ... and that that would be the theme of our book club! If we only read books with covers we like we will ultimately only read books we will end up liking. It's kind of like love at first sight... but for bibliophiles... reoccurring on a monthly basis.

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