Sunday, November 18, 2012

aloha from o'ahu

Aloha, my ohana {that's Hawaiian for family!} I survived my first week here in Honolulu and while I am finding my clinicals very challenging {in both positive + negative ways!}, I am also finding time to stop, put a flower in my hair + breathe in the views on my few days off! I am so looking forward to Tad coming to visit for Friendsgiving on Wednesday + be a total tourist all around this island for an entire week... because being a isle resident isn't as glamorous as it sounds + I have a sneaking suspicion that being a vacationer is where it is at in O'ahu. Hopefully, I will find time to publish all the drafts I've been working on since March {yes y'all, I still have blog posts from the spring I would like to publish before the new year arrives!} while I am here! Off to the hospital for a 16 hour shift... mahalo! 

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Marianne said...

OH MY GOD MY HOME!!!! I miss it every single day of my life. If you need any suggestions of things to do/where to eat/ how to not pay the ridiculous mark up the charge tourists, email me. Have an amazing clinical experience in paradise!