Saturday, December 01, 2012

these are a few of my favorite moments.

Twenty-twelve, the NICU-infused blur that it has been, has not afforded a lot of time to sleep, eat healthy, exercise, keep in touch with anyone other than google scholar + most importantly, blog! In fact, I have blogged less in the last nine months as I  usually do in one month {same goes for exercising, sleep, k.i.t.-ing...} and it has broken my heart a little to watch each month fly by, undocumented + uncelebrated... yogaats...but my heart smiled this morning when I woke up  remembering today was  the first day of December + I actually had today off to start the best month of the year off right {Read: on a beach, soaking up sunshine + reading a Nicholas Sparks' book from cover to cover}!! I could use some Christmas spirit in my life and the lover of all-things-holiday in me refuses to let this last month go unnoticed, unspirited + uncelebrated... no matter if its still 80 degrees outside, I am isolated on an island for clinicals, it's practically finals week, my  life is packed in a basement back in Seattle + I'm starting a new travel assignment in two weeks in Tennessee {good gracious, when is this year going to end?!} I have several countdowns in my calendar {nine days left in Hawaii, 12 days left of the quarter, 16 days until I'm at Kara's, 25 days until Christmas, 112 days until I am done with school} + I am going to spend this final month remembering a few of my favorite memories of twentytwelve... starting with a day trip to Rialto Beach. 
eoteheartsun crazyfog Celeste + I have gone on a lot of Sunday dates in the last six months in Seattle {I wrote about our first one here.} One Sunday at the end of summer, we decided to drive to the end of the Earth. We loaded up my car with the dogs, not enough beer + boarded the ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula. I misread the directions and thought it was only about an hour once we crossed the Sound but one accidental detour through Forks {where Twilight was set} + four hours later, we finally arrived at the most magical beach to watch the most breathtaking sunset that seriously lasted for hours... once the insanely thick layer of fog cleared.   driftwood eote2
We were basically walking along the horizon + I'm fairly certain that if you looked close enough as the sun was sinking, you could see it simultaneously rising in Australia.
birchwoodceendoftheearthbuddy2 The driftwood was so massive + made the perfect place for campers to hang a hammock to watch sunset by their campsite. I was so envious.  earthsend nofilter sunset100 Have you ever seen a sun so huge... or orange? #nofilter twilight We didn't see any vampires or werewolves but the cotton candy clouds that filled the sky at twilight were amazing. These pictures do them absolutely no justice. I'm sorry, sky.sunser
Happy December, y'all. 

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