Monday, April 07, 2008

history meets hippie

Jess and I compared our schedules for the last month of school and realized that we only have 3 days off together until the end, 2 of which were this weekend so we packed our swimsuits and headed to the East coast (of the state of Florida that is!). After moving to the centrally located city of Gainesville together the summer of freshman year and in dire need of sand and sun, our very first road trip (one of many adventures in the last 4 years!) started out taking University Avenue about 80 miles east until we reached the coast where conveniently we ended up in the amazing town of St. Augustine. History meets hippie, the oldest city in the nation has always been our favorite weekend getaway. With surfing and shopping and Spaniard-influenced Sangrias, this past weekend was filled with lots of laughs but not-so-much sun...
We quickly learned that one day at the beach was not nearly enough so we started including in our road trip camping overnight on the beach. It's possibly the most amazing {illegal} thing ever. Sleeping under a canopy of stars with the waves crashing in the distance. Waking up for sunrise before heading to the Surf Station to pick up our surfboards. Maggie looks pretty sexy with her pink (of course!) board on top! Firmly believing that dressing the part is half of the experience, we also purchased sweet rash guards (mine is pink, of course!) 4 years ago to look completely profess(h)! After warming up with a few runs of boogie boarding, Jess caught a few waves before the storms rolled in forcing us back to the town for more shopping and sipping... [Vlog to follow].

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