Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Parallel Blasphemies.

My perfect driving record was ruined recently when I received my first speeding ticket (it was not exactly the first time I have been pulled over for speeding however!). Because no significant events in my life occur on a small scale, why wouldn't I have been stopped in Georgia where cops are notorious for pulling people over and not letting them out of it doing 88 in a 60 while in a construction zone where speeding fines are doubled?! How much would should an atrocity cost, you might ask? The small sum of $490... or the equivalent of your first born child. When I texted Carly to tell her the horrible news, she was in complete disbelief because she had also just received her first speeding ticket 27 minutes before mine for doing 66 in a 40 thus further supporting my theory that our lives (and our blasphemies!) are parallel.

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