Friday, November 28, 2008

gobble til ya wobble!

This Thanksgiving we gave our thanks and spent our giving with twelve of our friends orphaned in LA this holiday! Colleagues of mine, cousins, actors, a friend from college, the three girls Carly lived with before I got out here and even Carly's sister, Taylor, came to our place for a fabulous feast! We ate lots of good food. We played games. We drank boxed wine. We had lovely weather so we took advantage of being one of only places celebrating Thanksgiving that you could eat outside and brought our home-cooked meal to our community courtyard; it was the perfect day! 

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Living Happily Ever After said...

I totally did my hair like that the other day too (like the top pic)!!! Are you growing yours out? I'm trying and I feel like I'm not getting's taking forever!!!