Sunday, November 23, 2008

love from kate.

Dear Jocelyn,

I love you Jocelyn. I love to play with you. I miss you Jocelyn. I miss you so much. I miss playing with you.

I like to watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle. I play with Julia at Kidworks. I learned about "T"  [the letter 'T'].

Thank you for the sniff and smell book and another things. [the other things]

I love you.

How are doing, Miss Jocelyn?

One more thing: I'm going to meet you around the holidays.

One more thing: I miss you.

[transcribed by mom, exactly as spoken by Kate (as she wrote with pencil on a piece of paper)] 


kkate [Kate typed her own name, finding all the letters on the keyboard by herself!]