Sunday, November 16, 2008

little miracle, Kylie Marie

Congratulations, Katie and Dustin! A great friend from high school recently had a scary complication in her pregnancy resulting in them emergently taking the baby at just 26 weeks gestation. Kylie Marie was born in the wee hours of October 30, weighing a tiny 1 lb. 14 oz. Both Mom and baby are doing incredibly well. Kylie is an exceptionally strong preemie and is already breathing entirely on her own with just a little extra support by a nasal cannula to provide her little lungs with extra oxygen. I take care of micropreemies everyday and I could hardly believe she was just 26 weeks and not requiring ventilation; this is such an incredible milestone. Only two weeks old, she's feeding well and already up to 2 pounds. I'm excited to continue to watch her grow! I'm keeping you in my thoughts, Katie and Kylie! =) 

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Kegorski01 said...

Awww Joce I looove it! Thank you for all of your support! It takes a very special person to do what you do every day! The NICU nurses become family and I can only imagine how much you are loved by the parents and babies you take care of! :) I can't wait for Kylie to meet all the wonderful people, like YOU, who have followed her through this incredible journey!
love you!