Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the bonnie hunt show.

It's nurses week and Bonnie Hunt invited nurses from hospitals in the area to make up the entire audience in today's taping! A few girls from my unit and I carpooled to Culver City to be a part of the show! Bonnie Hunt used to be a nurse and to show her appreciation for our amazing career (if I can be so bold to say!) she gave us a $50 gift card to Walgreens, an IPOD shuffle (that's right, an IPOD) and to go with the liquid diet I have been jokingly saying I seem to be on ever since working night shifts and never really having an appetite for anything more than caffeinated beverages lately... we won a juicer that blends entire fruits! =) Since people always tell me they see it on my blog after the show airs that I was in the audience, the guests were Emily Deschanel and Diahann Carroll and it airs tomorrow (and she also taped a part of next week's show with the host from The Bachelorette) and my hair is bleach blonde at the moment and I am sitting in the front row near the band in a plaid shirt!  Speaking of nurses week, how fabulous is this endearing e-card my super sentimental flatmate sent me:


Anonymous said...

can you find me a rich doctor husband too?

Syd said...

awe, fun joc!! i wish i could've gone! sounds like you brought home some goodies :)