Monday, May 25, 2009

sewing machine.

Working night shift has given me a lot of time to brainstorm ways to be creative and struggling to clothe my babies with all their lines and tubings, I have decided to learn how to make clothing that would make it easier to get them dressed by adding extra snaps and buttons to rid the risk of losing the access that is giving the preemies their essentials including nutrition, pain medication and blood pressure meds. Grams mentioned to me how great Auntie Paulette is at sewing so while in Vancouver last week, I was determined to learn how to sew. First I had to learn the basics: sewing on buttons! 
Thank goodness my new rain coat always tries to lose it buttons!
Then Auntie P. and I headed to Fabric Land to pick out a pattern and some fabric. 
It was not long before I became a sewing machine!

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