Sunday, June 14, 2009

my days are numbered.

After spending the entire week frantically searching for my planner... I finally found it in my beach bag amongst three bottles of tanning oil, four packets of Splenda and a tube of chapstick. After carefully reviewing all the things I missed this past week and ensuring my life is still on track for the next 6 months, here's what I have come to realize:
Five more days until I am basking in the Phoenix sun poolside with my besties.
Fourteen days until I will be boarding a plane to Canada for a fabulous seventeen day holiday by the lake!
Ninety days until I am completing my first triathlon in Malibu.... which means twelve weeks until Danny (Megan's fiance!) and I run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach the weekend before my tri!
Three weeks until Country Fest ...
Five weeks until Megalina comes to Los Angeles to "eat good food and lay on a beach!"   
Eight weeks until I am in Knoxville volunteering at a summer camp for kids with terminal illnesses as the camp nurse with Kara and her PA class!
One month until I start the Scratch DJ Academy.
Three months until Grams and Auntie Linda come to LA.. which means only three months until I turn twenty-three!
Five months until I am bridesmaid and Megan and Danny tie the knot!! 
Six months until Kara's white coat ceremony...

Throw in Christmas and the New Year and that's where my planner ends... 

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Syd said...

don't forget to squeeze our coastal road trip in that planner somewhere :-)