Thursday, June 04, 2009

san diego.

Because I have spent my time home from San Diego working 2 22-hour shifts, 2 12-hour shifts, falling in love, survived one killer hangover (maybe I'm not as mature as I thought!) at an art museum and concluded my crazy weekend with a 24 hour nap (that's right... I lost an entire day of my life to sleep!) before heading over to Last Call's studio to watch a Greenday concert with Vanessa Minello yesterday, I have neglected blogging the past few days... Here's the highlights of our heart-healthy weekend away to San Diego for Memorial Weekend...
learning a lot by the pool...
twenty-two and still find the carousel incredibly invigorating...
our extra ordinary dessert
The Shout House - where I have to credit my Canadian citizenship card (where I am 5 y/o in the picture) to getting me in!
the view of our pool from our balcony
waiting in line at Extraordinary desserts.

the view of the bay from twenty-one floors up

taking Sydney's Eos for her first (of many to come!) road trip!

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