Monday, August 03, 2009

los olivos.

Yesterday Carly and I took a day trip up the 101 to the Santa Barbara area for a day of wine tasting! We weren't really sure where we were headed and even packed a bag just in case we decided we wanted to spend the night. We put the address for Bridlewood, a vineyard with great reviews on yelp!, into our GPS and started to drive North along the most gorgeous coastline with the ocean on our left and rolling mountains to our right! The vineyard we went to had the most delectable cheese and scrumptious wine! =) From there (we actually ran into a girl that I work with) and she recommended going to Los Olivos (the quaint town pictured above)! It was incredible!! There was one street that had about ten tasting rooms in a row and fabulous wine-infused cupcakes (we tried four different kinds!) After our afternoon of awesomeness, we drove back down to Santa Barbara where we enjoyed the Spanish ambiance strolling along State Street before heading back to LA! It was a perfect day.

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