Tuesday, August 04, 2009

shoulda been a cowboy.

To keep up with summer tradition, I convinced the boys to go horseback riding with me while I was home. We had the best time on our trail ride. I always have the most fun when I am with them and while I'm not sure they even know Suburbs of Utopia exists, they should because they are a huge part of my Utopia! While I believe they have mastered tuning out my lectures about what they are doing with their lives, they are two of the best guy friends a girl could ask for! Kevin (my cousin), who is horrible at keeping in touch and could really stand a good girl (cough...Kristy...cough) in his life to remind him to call his Mom and to bring his passport on international flights, has graciously let me tag along with all his friends for years! Some of my favorite memories growing up are with Kevin and Kara making bands in the basement and frying minnows on Grams' stove fireplace. It makes me happy to know I can still beat him at cribbage tournaments and that he is one unanswered text away! =) And whenever Kev tells his Auntie Bee "Don't worry, I left her in good hands!" she knows I'm with Matty, the once grade sixer who was the reason Grams had to implement the 12-inch rule at school dances! And she should probably still be following him around to socials and wedding receptions with her ruler.. just kidding! Matty is the big brother I never had - the one that will carry me when I step in a gopher hole and hurt my ankle, the one that will turn around to let me take a picture of a moose without complaining and won't make fun of me when I put on my sunglasses as I start to cry when I have to say good-bye at the end of each summer!

love them!

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