Thursday, June 23, 2011

first stop: nashville.

After flying home yesterday evening from Canada, I loaded my life in to my car {again} and said a very tearful good-bye to my sweet Reese, Kara + Creed. It hit me that I was moving to the exact opposite side of the Earth country last night when I drove 2.5 hours to Nashville to have one last sleepover with my bestie, Jess {she was my date for a fairytale wedding a few weeks back... is she not just radiant with that beautiful pregnancy glow?} before we are no longer roommates by proxy.

 Next time I see her she will be a mama for the very first time, I will be a roomaunt for the very first time + I'll get to meet Baby E for the very first time! All of the slumber parties and lunch dates I have been able to spend living so close to Jess the last several months have made my heart so smitten... most of our time together consisting of the two of us just staring in awe as Ella kicked and punched and danced around in Jess's tiny baby bump! =)

Off to Kansas City this afternoon to pick up my co-pilot & map out the rest of our route... so excited to see you Sydney!! =)

P.S. Sooo in love with my new blog design! Thank you, Katy, at Life Made Lovely for making the Burb simply fabulous!

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