Thursday, June 30, 2011

awkward & awesome thursday.

On Thursdays, Sydney at The Daybook {one of my favourite fashion blogs that I read... which just got even more exciting when she announced she was expecting a baby boy and now all her outfits include her bump} writes a post about awkward & awesome things that happen in her everyday life and because there has been so many crazy awesome and crazy crazy things that have happened in my life recently, I decided to link up with her today! 
I have included these awkward {because I am petrified of heights and was so scared to be hanging off the edge of a cliff!!} and awesome {would ya look at that view?} pictures of me attempting to get a cool photog at a dangerous angle in Bryce Canyon over the weekend! You can't really tell but I had to walk off the path, over the edge and hold on to a tree that had fallen and was suspended on the side of the canyon about ten feet down. I kept trying to relax enough to smile but a panic attack would kick in and I would run back up before I could even convince myself to smile. AWWKward. But equally AWEsome.=) 

  • Getting a pedicure and the aesthetician asking me if I went to the high school nearby. Me: BAHHAhhaaa.... awkward silence... Oh, you're serious. No, I graduated high school seven years ago..." 
  • Giving the cashier $50.05 for a bill of $49.04 and getting $0.91 back. A little confused but not overly concerned about the 10 cent difference in the change I should have received, I clarified: "How much did I give you?" $50.05. "And what was the total?" $49.04. "And my change is... $0.91?" Yes! That's what I gave you! ... That's what I thought. Buy a calculator. 
  • Trying very hard to be an adult and suppressing how scared I was to get an intramuscular vaccine around my new colleagues today yesterday. Hyperventilating and shaking, I finally broke down, proclaimed "I'm a wimp!" and begged the girl sitting next to me who I had just met to hold my clammy hands while it was being administered. The nurse's response, "Did you know a wimp actually means a young lady? So yes, you are a wimp! How young are you exactly?" My response: Old enough for it to no longer be socially acceptable to cry while getting shots... like it was back in high school. {See bullet #1} 
  • Feeling frantic on my first day of work yesterday, I was running around in the dark rummaging through suitcases and boxes for something that smelled clean to wear. I remembered I packed a black sweater in my Canada suitcase so I dumped it's contents on to the floor and picked up the first cotton wad of black fabric I saw and shoved it in my tote. Fast forward 2 hours later to the cold hospital orientation conference room: I am discretely trying to slip on my sweater without looking behind me to not lose eye contact with the lecturer who was demonstrating how to revive a patient. When I couldn't find the sleeves, I finally turned around out of frustration and gasped when I realized I had grabbed my CHEMISE and NOT a sweater. I'm pretty sure I will be remembered at my new job as the chick who tried to put on negligee during orientation...  
  • Coming face-to-beak with a pigeon in the towel aisle of Target. A real live pigeon... just waddling down the home goods section, looking for an escape. It completely threw me off shopping amongst the wildlife... which is why when a really unsmart lady ignored the escalator-for-carts signs and brought her cart on the escalator-for-humans, it inevitable tipped over... and then pinned her underneath... and I naturally kept shopping. I had the best view of the fiasco in the store as I escalated to the third floor and watched this drama unfold on the floor below me. I would have ran back down but as I exited the escalator, the pigeon flew past me nearly clipping my head with a wing and landed on a flat screen TV on display. Winged birds indoors trump nursing skills any day. 
  • Getting the keys to my new apartment yesterday and really having to pee after a long road trip. {T.M.I.? It gets better.} Glancing over midstream at the t.p. holder, I realized new apartments don't come stocked with rolls and I had not purchased any yet. After I shamefully shook my lettuce, I walked 12 blocks {uphill} to Trader Joe's to buy a few groceries, returned home and did not realize I had completely forgotten to purchase toilet paper until I sat down... again. {Sigh}.
  • Spending many hours neglecting everything else I was supposed to be doing to write this post yesterday because I thought it was Thursday.
  • My double-jointed arm in the photograph below. Lovely.

  • Living the Seattleite dream... in a cute, little apartment on Capitol Hill... two floors above a Starbucks. AND its free! Because that is how I roll as a traveler nurse. You know what else is free? Their WIFI that I'm currently stealing borrowing from the comforts of my couch. Overcharge me for a cup of coffee now, suckas.
  • I am in love. I am so very in love with the University of Washington. I walked across the gorgeous campus to the UW library after work today and it felt so fabulous to swipe my student ID and print off a shit ton of double-sided notes for the class I am taking. There's something incredible about being a student that I can't quite put my finger on well enough to translate in to words... yet.    I'll get there.
  • Getting to see my sister, BIL, and the entire Duffley clan to cheer on Mister Christopher as he sings the National Anthem at a Red Sox game in a week from today! =) 
  • My discovery of piloxing, a combination of kickboxing and Pilates. The hardest workout I have done in a super long time. 
  • Being back on the West Coast and being able to continuously breathe in the ocean breeze. Even though I can't always see it, just knowing it is there in the distance {twelve bustling city blocks away} puts my mind at ease.
  • New friends. It's a Small World started playing in my head when a staff nurse I worked with at Tampa General sat down next to me in hospital orientation on the first day. Small world, indeed. Not to mention, my new best friend that I haven't met yet who lives two hours away in Vancouver. Cannot wait to meet you soon, Sammi! =) 


Katie said...

Let me see if I am reading this correctly... are you saying that you now live in a town with a 3 story Target??? And I thought Valdosta was lame before. Screw this place, I'm moving to Seattle!

Autumn said...

The awkwards made me snort with laughter. The pigeon and the escalator. By the way, escalators scare me so if I had been that lady it would have been even more traumatic.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say love the blog...very inspiring and beautifully made! im just getting started in the blog world and love to see other well made blogs as inspiration! it seems your having a blast! its great to hear your loving the NICU that is one of the area i want to start in (along with PONC) when im done with my BSN. good luck in grad school!

Talitha said...

haha, love the negligee story :)

And those photo's of you (not sure where they are taken) but it looks amazing! I would not have had the guts to sit so close to the edge *gulp*

Talitha xx