Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I got home super early (like 430 am) this morning from the most incredible trip and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT wait to share my 500 pictures and write about all the pretty plants and awesome wildlife and beautiful people and breathtaking beaches and amazing fruits + all the incredible things I did while I  was in Costa Rica the last seven days but apparently a macbook is worthless without its charger (Note to self: Quadruple check I have my cell phone/computer/camera chargers before I leave anywhere anymore.. who forgets all 3 in various places in one trip?!) and as gracious is Megan is to let me borrow her computer,  after dealing with DELL for four years in college, 3 years an Apple-addict and I am suddenly PC-retarded and quite frustrated by how long its taking me to navigate non-Apple applications. But today is the first day of a new month, one that smells a lot like summer!!, and as if a little vacation to Central America wasn't enough to kick off my mini-retirement (28 days left!) June is about to get a little craazzy! Starting with a road trip in the early morning in which I say Farewell! to Florida, sleep over with Katie and get a taste of the West Coast for the weekend with my three other halves... but it's only the beginning of essentially four weeks of traveling awesomeness including two countries, planes, trains, automobiles, grad school starting, a bloglift for the 'Burb by a professional and a little of my girl, Britney in la la la Las Vegas! but before the celebration continues (and I really lose track of all my thoughts), I wanted to give you a little sneak peak of  just how incredibly, amazingly fabulous my freak was freaked in Costa Freaka!  
Road a 2,500 pound bull? Check.
Ziplined through rainforests above the clouds 1 kilometer at a time? Check.
Drank muchos cervesas + pina coladas + sangrias + micheladas + mojitos always mixed with fresh fruit and drank out of pineapples adorned with real hibiscus flowers? Check.
Surfed off the coast of Costa Rica? Check... that right off my bucket list! See the vertical speck in the righthand corner?? That's me!! & I'm really surfing!! I might be partially deaf, slightly suburned, incredibly sore and badly bruised... but it was definitely worth it! =) eeeee.... yaaay!!!

Happy first day of June, friends! Here's to many more live-like-you-are-dying-adventures that are sure to be had this summer! =)

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~Rachel said...

I am so jealous of your adventure girl! Looks like so much fun!