Sunday, April 01, 2012

ahhh, april + random ruminations.

aaaah, it's already April. I'm not really sure what happened to the month of March (I most certainly did not blog about it)... and it breaks my heart a little that hardly a single fleeting moment in March has been documented. It bores me to complain talk about work + school {which literally consumes all of my time} + other mundane elements of life. I assure you this blog will never be a recap of my every move if I can't apply beauty + meaning to each one of the moves I make... 
I'd be lying if most of last month wasn't spent pleading with Mother Nature for sunshine, wishing to hibernate until next March {when I graduate} + pondering why my passion wasn't for cupcake decorating instead of saving lives... because I assure you if the opportunity would have presented itself to jump neonatalship and spend the rest of my life carving fondant, never having to worry about my red velvet with cream cheese frosting's heart beat or my triple valrhona chocolate with hazelnut buttercream's social issues, I would have gladly walked off the plank in to a cupcakes + icing abyss last month
I found myself within the walls of a NICU nearly every day {and the trend will continue on through all of April} and although a lot of exciting things happen behind that locked double door and I seriously learn fifty-seven new things a day in the sterile environment I currently call my second home, I'm sworn to secrecy by a little privacy act by the name HIPAA... and can't tell you any of it. Not even about that sixth digit I assisted in removing. 
I had actually been flirting with the idea of taking a blogger-break... since I started grad school, essentially. When I met my wit's end last month at work during finals week, a hiatus occurred organically... I put my virtual feet up + let many unfinished drafts go unpublished... so I could catch up on the rest of my overcommitments, beginning with matching my socks.
It was unintentional and saddening but oh my word, does it feel fabulous to be back... about as fabulous as the sparse sunshine reflecting off the bricks of my hogwart's-esque campus.

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