Saturday, April 07, 2012

sea to sky::birchwood to blackcomb::spring break.

Over spring break, I snuck up to Whistler Village with Sammi for a fabulous date full of sushi, whipped cream flavoured vodka, {attempting to} snowboard, and the most incredible views I have ever laid eyes on. I felt like I was in a dream as everything was covered in a blanket of white snow but the skies were so blue and the sun shone so bright. At the top of the peaks, it almost felt like you could touch the sky. We stayed at a quaint little chateau nestled between two giant mountain peaks. Taking my ?talented self nearly an hour to go down one run, it filled my heart with utmost delight when we called it quits and headed to a bar at the bottom of the slope for caesars. As if the gator gods planned it themselves, we caught the last 2:40 seconds of March Madness when the Gators lost before stopping at every vista to breathe in the fresh ocean air on our drive back to Vancouver! I'm sincerely going to miss these bi-weekly bestie dates. 

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