Sunday, April 22, 2012

life as of late, ala instagram

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Look for the good and you will find it. Last week, my darling bestie, Carly, went to Kelle Hampton's book signing in our hometown, just for me. She sent me picture updates throughout the evening + it made my heart feel so inspired as Kelle signed my very own copy of Bloom, take care of those babies... Thank you, Carly! I am so thankful for the wonderful friends in my life who would go to a book signing, just for me. Life is in full {cherry blossom} bloom around these parts with the anticipation of new arrivals + the sprinkle shower {complete with make-your-own personal pan pizzas} to celebrate. Summer in Seattle is serious + opening day was definitely a reminder of the sweet summer nights that captured my heart last year + said feeling definitely compelled me to extend my contract at The U another four weeks on Thursday! =) Trophy's hi hat cupcakes on Easter, a sewing machine's first breath + a new appreciation for happy hour has this uber busy, full-time grad student/traveling nurse maintaining balance + enjoying the small things sans guilt when your only night off to watch lectures is spent drinking pomegranate mojitos or embracing a new hobby with Raechel's Sewing 101. As the tag line of Bloom implies, it is up to you to make the conscious decision to find the beauty in the unexpected and when a {ahem!} rerouted flight made me fear I was going to miss my roommate reunion but {thankfully!} brought me to Chicago the following day on Friday, my heart was tickled sunset yellow when Meg + I reunited completely unexpectedly. Meg: What's up, girlie? Me: In Chi-town! Last time I was here, I was with you! So fun!  Meg: At Midway??? Me: Oh my word! Yes! Where are you?? Meg: I just landed here! Yes!!! We ended up being on the same flight, boarded simultaneously so we were able to snag seats next to each other, where we played MadGab + talked each other's ears off for three straight hours on the plane. When our suitcases came around the carousel next to each other at baggage claim, I smiled + thought: this weekend was just the escape that I needed + the universe agrees.  

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