Saturday, July 02, 2011

oh my {happy} july!!

I can hardly believe today is the second day of the second half of the year. It feels like just yesterday that I was ringing in the new year trying to figure out what this fresh start would have in store for me, having not a clue where I was headed and not a root planted anywhere! I had an inkling that it would be an awesome ride... but THIS incredible was beyond my wildest imagination! =)
Kicking off July right this weekend, I'm thoroughly enjoying my freedoms and exploring Seattle to its maximum: studying in coffee shops, perusing farmer markets and soaking up the sunshine from my rooftop as Mount Rainier stands tall in the distance! 
I'm surprising myself by how much I'm embracing this whole independence thing that coexists with the likes of adulthood and I'm tickled sparkle that this weekend is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of it! How lucky we are to live in a world where no dream is too big; no hope is too high. Its a pretty awesome reality I'm living in... 

Set flame to a firework, dare to dream {bigger} + have a happy, happy July!  {It's going to be a hot one.} 

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