Tuesday, February 21, 2012

jocelyn's daily affirmation.

I know this video went viral like 39 months ago {I loved it then, too!} but on my run tonight, I found myself channeling my inner Jessica when around every bend in the road I found myself saying... I love the quaintness of my neighbourhood. I love the way the city lights dance on the lake + the perfect three mile loop that goes around it. I love the smell of the blooming flowers + the subtle signs that spring is coming. I love my mizunos + how they have faithfully allowed me to add a mile on to my training schedule each week. I love receiving Valentines + that Reese is old enough to colour me her own this year {be still, my heart}. I love sloshing my Wellies in to the puddles created by the persistent showers + catching a glimpse of the rainbows that sometimes follow {I saw one on Sunday.} I love Starbucks cake pops + that the drawstring in my scrubs forgives me when I eat too many in one sitting. I love the support at my job + the overwhelming response of my return to work last week. I love that there are only two weeks left of classes + that makes me very close to spring break. I love the fiery in my heart + the calmness in my mind. I love my job. I love my sister. I love my niece. I love my grandma. I love my friends. My whole world is great. I can do anything good. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

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