Wednesday, February 01, 2012

small world, after all.

I realized last week that my watch was still set on London time... Astonished by how fast these first few weeks of twenty12 have flown by, I decided to leave it as is... blue, sparkly and six hours too fast. It's my own little shiny accessory-of-a- reminder to slow the eff down. How is it already February First? Five weeks left of winter quarter. Two weeks left of unemployment. One week 'til Florida... I promised myself I would stay put in this new year and I've already boarded four planes... and have two more next week... Perhaps, I should abolish routine/schedule/monotony from my vocabulary and just accept the fact that the only thing that will ever be constant in my life is change... until I get to where I'm going, of course.    
It has been an insane few days... starting with a flight to Northern California which turned in to a three day stretch where my morals were challenged immensely as the ethical dilemma before me weighed heavy on my heart... The assignment ended better than okay yesterday but I had been up since 430 AM and as I landed back in Seattle last night at 1:00 AM knowing I would be getting up in a few short hours for an eight hour day of class, followed by two more eight-hour days of lecture and my first clinical day on Saturday, I could not be more elated to be back, exhausted & drained but also safe & sound... with a heightened awareness of who I am... and definitely who I am not.
The trip wasn't entirely awful, though... I did get to eat great sushi two nights in a row, visit with my biddy, soak in the San Francisco sunshine, taste test a lot of Ghirardelli chocolate and use a groupon that was randomly expiring in eight days... Oh, and the highlight... The highlight of my weekend was running in to someone who said, "I know you from somewhere!?... Did you used to teach kickboxing classes at UF?" My response, "Oh my word!! Yes, yes, yes! One, two, threeee! EeEEEEE yaay! Having that been said...Jab/cross!!!" Well, not really but it made my heart smile to meet a past participant of A. Aerobix... on the opposite side of the country, no less... it really is a small world, after all. 

...even if said small world is super scary at times. Albeit its constant evolutions and revolutions and what not, there is always an element of home to be found within to alleviate the scariness and add back in the happiness, of the heart-smiling-variety.  


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Your blog is adorable! And funny about your watch, it's very cute too! Good luck with the time change!

xo. Britt

Anonymous said...

I love the heart in union square! sf is great but i could never live there! cute blog..newest follower :)